Packaging solutions

Packaging Solutions are a combination of different IPS components (profiles, pallet elements, etc.). Each transported product needs proper protection during shipping, handling and storage. The ideal solution is to minimise material by choosing the exact components needed for each application. Stabilisation, stacking strength, protection and uniform weight distribution can be achieved in a practical and cost-effective way from a single material, 100% recyclable carton board.

  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistant structure
  • Flexible
  • Not subject to ISPM-15
  • Mono Material Packaging


FramePackĀ® is an excellent single-material alternative to wooden, plastic and metal frames as well as a substitute for heavy boxes. With a combination of different components from our product range, we can provide our customers with the optimal packaging for their needs.Ā A suitable packaging profile will be chosen based on a study of each individual application depending on strength and other requirements.

  • The FramePackĀ® offers a resistance of

    150kg on vertical

  • The FramePackĀ® offers a resistance of

    35kg on horizontal

  • the Cornerboad ensures a

    High protection

    of edges
  • The FramePackĀ® allows you to load

    2x more products

    while transporting thanks to stacking
  • 100% recyclable
  • Capable of carrying several tons
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Different sizes available
  • Economic
  • Better storage conditions
  • ideal for export


Designed to protect surfaces from scratches and transport damage, without adding extra volume or weight to the load 100 % recyclable carton board protection is an ideal green solution for multiple applications (doors, windows, table tops, panels, pipes, profiles, etc.). Printing options allow you to brand your packaging.

  • The ExBox ensures a

    High protection

    of edges
  • The ExBox is

    100% recyclable

    et favorise le developpement durable
  • The ExBox is

    Exempted from ISPM 15

    unlike wooden pallet