Protection solutions

IPS profiles have been designed to protect any shape of product during their shipment, handling and storage. Individual sizes and quality options can be matched cost-effectively to each application. A wide range of industries is using our products and are enjoying economical, environmental and other benefits.
Avoid transport damage by using strong and 100 % recyclable laminated carton board.
Fewer materials - Increase your profits.

  • High quality material
  • Secure and protect your loads
  • allow and strengthen stacking
  • Optimize your storage capacity
  • Absorb lateral shocks
  • Moisture resistant
  • Reusable and 100% Recyclable


Laminated carton board gives superb protection, even against the hardest shocks. Reinforce your transport packaging with edgeboards and say goodbye to transport damage.

  • The Cornerbboard supports a resistance of

    150kg on vertical

  • The Cornerbboard supports a resistance of

    35kg on horizontal

  • the Cornerboad ensures a

    High protection

    of edges
  • the Cornerboad allows you to load

    2x more products

    while transporting thanks to stacking

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